We Are Transforming How Professionals Access Premium Content

Our mission is to enable a new set of capabilities for knowledge workers by empowering everyone to access premium content and tools.

Keye does this by making digital content access easy, fast and affordable, so that every professional can deliver high-quality work and succeed in their career. 

Our vision is to be the destination for frictionless access to helpful digital content.

We Founded Keye to Bridge the Gap Between Users and Content Providers

We are avid content consumers who couldn’t keep up with the cost and frustrations posed by the sites we needed to access as to do our jobs and pursue our passions.

Having worked in finance and consulting, Rohan is intimately familiar with the value of premium information in a professional setting, but equally familiar with how easy it is to be priced out without an employer covering the cost.

When Paolo’s clients at Google increasingly faced challenges growing subscriptions and ad revenue, he started working on new ways to connect users with the right monetization models. We both knew there had to be a better way forward, so we founded Keye to change the way people pay for and access premium digital content entirely.

Paolo Fornasini

Paolo Fornasini

COO & Co-Founder

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Rohan Parikh

CEO & Co-Founder

Before Founding Keye We Spent Time At...