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Make better decisions and recommendations using professional grade data platform like Messari, SEMrush and many more.


Stay informed on industry trends and get the bigger picture with leading news sources like The Information, TechCrunch and many more.

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Complete projects more quickly and easily while delivering higher quality work with products like Grammarly, Picsart and many more.

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Learn in demand skills to find new opportunities and continue advancing along your career with resources like Codecademy, Masterclass and many more.

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Over 10,000 users trust Keye

Ice White

Startup advisor & best-selling author

“Keye has enabled me to learn about tools and classes that I otherwise would not have known to exist. To have these things in one place enabled me to explore what I could have been missing the whole time. It has helped me professionally by inspiring me to take my time much more seriously, thereby making my workflows much more efficient and productive. I have been able to get more done in less time thanks to having access to tools and classes through Keye.”

Haemi Kim

Director of Finance, VC Firm


“Keye has some really helpful features, especially being able getting additional financial data when I need it. Some of my work is highly seasonal, so the ability to quickly access things like valuation comps when we’re auditing our books is extremely convenient. I can double-check my numbers with services that normally would have been out of reach. Subscribing was a no-brainer.”


Hari Sripathi

Growth Strategy Consultant


“I am a boutique consultant and use Keye to access a much broader variety of resources than would’ve been affordable on their own. Specifically, I use Keye for market research and skill development. Keye has helped me relearn the basics of R and Python through Codecademy. It has taken me from beginner to expert on Machine Learning. I also sometimes use Nalaverse videos to dance with my toddler!”